Accelerating advances in early psychosis care, recovery outcomes, and scientific discovery through a national early psychosis learning health care partnership


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The EPINET Program Level Core Assessment Battery (PL-CAB) is a new addition to the suite of EPINET measures.  While the Core Assessment Battery (CAB) collects information about clients who are receiving services at early psychosis programs, the PL-CAB collects information about early psychosis programs. The PL-CAB is meant to be administered annually.

Publication date: December 1, 2021

EPINET Program Level Core Assessment Battery (PDF)

Collecting information about each of the 100+ early psychosis programs that are a part of EPINET is important, and may help improve treatment.  For example, the PL-CAB collects information such as the number of clinicians working with clients, program funding and services, program enrollment criteria, and the program’s treatment model. This information can be combined with client data collected in the CAB to help researchers study which program factors make a difference in client outcomes. It also provides policy makers with needed information to make data-informed decisions.

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