Accelerating advances in early psychosis care, recovery outcomes, and scientific discovery through a national early psychosis learning health care partnership


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Connection Learning Health System (LHS): A Collaboration to Connect Early Psychosis Research and Practice in Maryland and Pennsylvania

Principal Investigator:

Melanie Bennett, PhD


Connection Learning Health System (Connection LHS) is based at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. It represents a collaboration of investigators in early psychosis services based at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins Medicine, the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and Sheppard Pratt, along with involvement of both states’ behavioral health systems. Connection LHS will use data to improve early psychosis services and to promote a culture of collaborative learning and continuous quality improvement across 20 programs delivering Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC) for youth and young adults experiencing early psychosis and their families.

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  • Connection LHS will implement data collection, analysis, feedback, and infrastructure development to promote continuous quality improvement across 20 well-established CSC programs in Maryland and Pennsylvania serving over 500 young adult clients per year in urban, suburban, and rural settings.
  • Our collaboration among clinicians and researchers will support identifying clinical challenges, analyzing relevant data, and applying findings to optimize practice and improve CSC implementation.
  • The programs that are part of Connection LHS deliver the elements of CSC within a framework of shared decision making, personalized and flexible services, and mental health recovery.
  • Connection LHS includes active involvement of two state behavioral health systems which will support examining strategies for cross-system implementation and generalizability. This has the potential to be impactful in our region and may provide a model for CSC programs in other neighboring states.
  • CSC programs collect common data elements from clients, family members, and clinicians that can be accessed via data visualization tools for use in planning and monitoring treatment goals over time.
  • Connection LHS is conducting practice-based research to implement a brief intervention that supports treatment engagement and medication adherence targeting CSC clients who are persistent cannabis users. This project will use qualitative research methods to integrate input from clients, family members, and clinicians as part of intervention refinement.
  • Connection LHS will harmonize CSC training and consultation activities across Maryland and Pennsylvania, adopt best practices from programs in each state, and develop new activities to fulfill unmet training and practice needs. We will use principles from implementation science to support broad adoption of effective practices across CSC programs.

Contact Information

Questions related to the EPINET project and Connection LHS:
Melanie Bennett
Principal Investigator
Jessica Taylor
Connection LHS Coordinator

Questions related to CSC services in Maryland
Krissa Rouse and Caroline Silvia
Maryland Early Intervention Program Central Referral Line
(877) 277-MEIP (6347)
Maryland EIP website

Questions related to CSC services in Pennsylvania:
Catherine “Cat” Conroy
Pennsylvania HeadsUp: Changing Minds, Empowering Lives
(215) 687-3429
Pennsylvania HeadsUp website

Connection LHS Clinics


Johns Hopkins Early Psychosis Intervention Clinic (EPIC)
Baltimore, MD

Early Psychosis Intervention Clinic (EPIC) – Recovery After Initial Schizophrenia Episode (RAISE)
Baltimore, MD

RAISE Connections Program (RAISE CP)
Baltimore, MD

Maryland Psychiatric Research Center; First Episode Clinic (FEC)
Catonsville, MD

OnTrack Maryland Sheppard Pratt (OnTrackMD)
Gaithersburg, MD

Prince George Country Program- coming soon


On My Way (OMW)
Contact: Child and Family Focus at 610-732-8683
Broomall, PA

Danville, PA

Safe Harbor
Erie, PA

Harrisburg, PA

Helping to Overcome Psychosis Early (HOPE)
Honesdale, PA

Psychosis Education, Assessment, Care and Empowerment (PEACE)
Philadelphia, PA

Psychosis Evaluation & Recovery Center (PERC)
Philadelphia, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

Services for the Treatment of Early Psychosis (STEP)
Pittsburg, PA

InSight by Oasis LifeCare
State College, PA

Helping to Overcome Psychosis Early (HOPE)
Stroudsburg, PA

On My Way (OMW)
Contact: Child and Family Focus at 610-732-8683
Allentown, PA 

On My Way (OMW)
Contact: Child and Family Focus at 610-732-8683
Valley Forge, PA

Helping to Overcome Psychosis Early (HOPE)
Wilkes-Barre, PA

Connection LHS is supported by the National Institute of Mental Health under award number: R01MH120550

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