Accelerating advances in early psychosis care, recovery outcomes, and scientific discovery through a national early psychosis learning health care partnership


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Principal Investigators:

Lisa B. Dixon, MD, MPH

Iruma Bello, PhD


OnTrackNY is a nationally recognized model providing Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC) for adolescents and young adults within 2 years of the onset of non-affective psychosis. The New York State’s Office of Mental Health (OMH) supports the Center for Practice Innovations at Columbia Psychiatry’s statewide learning health care system for the 22 OnTrackNY programs in New York. Since 2013, the OnTrackNY network has served over 2000 individuals, providing high-quality, data-driven, accountable, and culturally competent care. OnTrackNY emphasizes practice-based research, the proactive engagement of stakeholders, and the delivery of real time, dynamic, and actionable information to stakeholders.

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Two female young adults sit closely together, with their heads resting against each others, during a group therapy session.

  • OnTrackNY meets regularly with an executive committee of state leaders, payors, administrators, clinicians, families, and clients to guide planning, implementation, and evaluation activities.
  • OnTrackNY convenes a Youth and Young Adult Leadership Council which centers and elevates the voices and perspectives of youth and young adults who are either participants or graduates of OnTrackNY programs across New York State. Council members convene to represent and express what matters most to them in the design, delivery, and evaluation of OnTrackNY services, as well as supporting youth guided practices and principles in overall mental health systems transformation.
  • OnTrackNY also convenes a Family Council which is a community of people who have a family member participating in, or graduated from, OnTrackNY. This Council has an opportunity to provide input and guidance about how to assist OnTrack teams with enhancing the delivery of family-involving services. Both the Youth and Young Adult Leadership Council and the Family Council meet monthly.
  • OnTrackNY builds on and extends existing pathways to enhance program recruitment.
  • The Learning Healthcare System disseminates resources and provides training, technical assistance, and consultations to clinicians to help programs build capacity.
  • OnTrackNY conducts and supports evaluation in a variety of ways including annual online surveys, telephone/in-person interviews and focus groups with state leaders, payors, administrators, clinicians, clients, and families.
  • The collection of data across programs and the delivery of real time, dynamic, and actionable information to stakeholders is supported through Nathan Kline Institute’s Acquire EDC System.

Contact Information

OnTrackNY website

Lisa B. Dixon
(646) 774-8450

Iruma Bello
(646) 774-8412

OnTrackNY Clinics

OnTrackNY@Northern Rivers
Albany, NY

OnTrackNY at South Oaks HospitalOpens a new tab
Amityville, NY

OnTrackNY at Southern TierOpens a new tab
Binghamton, NY

OnTrackNY@The Institute for Family HealthOpens a new tab
Bronx, NY

OnTrackNY@MontefioreOpens a new tab
Bronx, NY

Kings OnTrackNYOpens a new tab
Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn, NY

OnTrackNY@SUSOpens a new tab
Brooklyn, NY

OnTrackNY@BestSelfOpens a new tab
Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY

OnTrackNY at ElmhurstOpens a new tab
Elmhurst, NY

OnTrackNY at The Child Center of New YorkOpens a new tab
Flushing, NY

Early Treatment Program at Zucker Hillside HospitalOpens a new tab
Glen Oaks, NY

OnTrackNY@WJCSOpens a new tab
Hartsdale, NY
Peekskill, NY

OnTrackNY at Access: Supports for Living in Kingston
Hartsdale, NY
Peekskill, NY

OnTrackNY at Access: Supports for Living in Middletown
Middletown, NY

OnTrackNY@BellevueOpens a new tab
New York City, NY

OnTrackNY at the Jewish BoardOpens a new tab
New York City, NY

Washington Heights Community ServicesOpens a new tab
New York City, NY

The Early Treatment Program at Lenox HillOpens a new tab
New York City, NY

OnTrackNY RochesterOpens a new tab
Rochester, NY

OnTrackNY CNYOpens a new tab
Syracuse, NY

OnTrackNY at Staten Island University HospitalOpens a new tab
Staten Island, NY

First Episode at MHAOpens a new tab
Yonkers, NY

OnTrackNY is supported by the National Institute of Mental Health under award number

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